Youth Climate Story: The Gulf is Not a Sacrifice Zone

Hear from Kami, a young person using their voice to fight against fossil fuel and LNG development in Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast.

In Sulphur, Louisiana on the Gulf Coast, 15-year-old Kami plays basketball with her five siblings against the background of “very cloudy, very foggy” air that reeks of rotten eggs. The air quality is battered by local fossil fuel projects, making it seem like storms are always looming. Kami’s story is playing out in frontline communities around the country, but nowhere is it more felt than in the U.S.’ Gulf Coast. Here, liquified natural gas facilities continue their unfettered expansion, disproportionately and deliberately plaguing low-income and communities of color and outright ignoring the pleas of local residents.

“It doesn’t have to be this way.”

The Gulf is not a sacrifice zone, though fossil fuel executives and their political puppets keep treating it—and the 2.3 million Louisianans who live there—as expendable. It’s time to step up and support a just transition to a greener future. It’s time to invest in cleaner energy solutions in frontline communities.