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Our Climate Our Future is a climate education resource created by Alliance for Climate Education.

Science - Part 1

Find out where our energy comes from and how we each impact the planet. (3:44)


How it works

Our Climate Our Future is an interactive video series for young people about climate change. Choose PLAY ALL to enjoy Our Climate Our Future as a single, 40-minute movie. Or, use the CHAPTER MENU to explore the science, impacts, and solutions of climate change at your own pace and answer trivia questions to deepen your knowledge.

Teachers can access the For Teachers page for materials to support student learning during Our Climate Our Future, as well as additional climate lesson plans and other educational materials after viewing. If you're showing Our Climate Our Future to a group outside the classroom, check out our Facilitator's Guide with tips on setting up a viewing, an optional script for introducing a viewing and discussion questions throughout.

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Our Climate Our Future is a project of Alliance for Climate Education. ACE's mission is to educate young people on the science of climate change and empower them to take action. ACE has educated two million students and trained over 4,000 student leaders. Learn more.

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All content is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and is supported by referenced citations. 

  • Science Standards: See which science standards are addressed by Our Climate Our Future.
  • Citations: List of research citations used in Our Climate Our Future.




Trivia questions are interspersed between videos.

  • The Situation: Part I — Our modern lifestyles have an impact on the planet and require energy. Investigate where our energy comes from.
  • The Situation: Part II — Break down the greenhouse effect, learn what happens when the CO2 produced by burning fossil fuels ends up in the atmosphere, and examine how humanity depends on a stable climate.
  • The Situation: Part III — Climate data from ice cores puts modern climate change into perspective. Learn about positive feedback loops in the climate system and where the super greenhouse gas methane comes from.


Trivia questions are interspersed between videos.

  • Global Impacts — A big-picture look at the impacts of climate change on humans and the environment around the world.
  • What Is Climate Justice? — Begin to investigate how climate change affects some people more than others.
  • U.S. Impacts — Eight stories of young people who are impacted by climate change in the United States.
    • Eshe in Boston, MA — Sea Level Rise
    • Annie in New York, NY — Hurricane Sandy
    • Sarah in Sanford, NC — Coal Ash
    • Dolores in Kansas City, KS — Air Pollution and Asthma
    • Xiuhtezcatl in Boulder, CO — Pine Beetles and Wildfires
    • Kelsey in Eugene, OR — Wildfires
    • Jonathan in Watsonville, CA — Drought
    • Nelson in Kipnuk, AK — Permafrost Melt and Sea Level Rise
    • Ashley in Western PA — Health and Natural Gas Fracking


Trivia questions are interspersed between videos.

  • Our Future — What could our world look like if we decide to take action on climate change? Take a look at some creative climate solutions and the young people who contributed to them.
  • Get Loud Challenge — It’s time to turn up the volume on climate change and get people talking about it. Here’s how.
  • Get Involved — Find out what you can do to take action.
  • The Next Move Is Yours — Solving climate change needs people of all talents and backgrounds. What are you going to do?


  • Here’s how you can take action on climate change. Join ACE’s Student Network and access project plans to make your school or community more sustainable.
  • Teachers can access a collection of the best climate and energy lesson plans online.