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While Viewing

Make the most of your students' Our Climate Our Future experience.

Our Climate Our Future Lesson Plans

These three hands-on lessons are specifically designed for use with Our Climate Our Future. All lessons are hands-on activities that require minimal materials, can be easily done in a single class period and are aligned to NGSS. 



Discussion Guide

Our Climate Our Future brings up lots of real-world topics and exciting ideas that will get the conversation in your classroom flowing. Use this classroom discussion guide as you go through Our Climate Our Future to deepen students' learning. 

Student FAQ

Check out the top 10 frequently asked questions that ACE gets from students about climate change, with accessible answers and links to more information.

Student Worksheet

This worksheet focuses on key vocabulary and comprehension for Our Climate Our Future. It is designed to be filled out while students are watching the videos.
Note: Go to File > Download As to download the worksheet and answer key as a .doc or .pdf file.


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